Hair Vendor List : Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Hair Vendor List :  Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Hair Vendor List : Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors

Do Your Own Hair Vendor Research!

Are you eager to start a hair business or trying to find a reliable supplier for your personal usage ?

At this point, you are so excited and willing to do anything to get your new hair venture off the ground .

You have been scrolling through Instagram lately and noticed people selling a "hair vendor list" that will help you purchase hair from genuine sources.

Should you buy the list? Are there really reputable hair vendors on the list? Do they sell Remy Hair ?

Finding the best wholesale Remy hair vendors is not always easy. But, if you found this article I think you are REALLY close to what you want.

Let's go over some of the details.

Hair Vendor Contents

  1. What is a Hair Vendor List?
  2. Are the Best Raw Hair Vendors on a List?
  3. How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Cost?
  4. Which Wholesale Hair Vendors are Listed?
  5. Doing Your Own Research.
  6. Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor
  7. How to find a Raw Hair Vendor 
  8. Final Vendor Thoughts.

What is a Hair Vendor List?

The new trend of selling a list of hair vendors started gaining popularity in the last few years as more people have started getting into the hair extension industry.

With an estimated $10 Billion in annual hair sales, this industry is rapidly growing and everyone is trying to get their piece of the action .

A great hair vendor list will include details of hair suppliers that will sell you wholesale hair extensions to supply your business. Most lists that are currently for sale on the market will vary with the number of hair suppliers.

How many hair suppliers do you need to sell the same products? Good question!

Are the Best Virgin Hair Vendors on a List?

This is what you need to ask yourself.

People's expectations of hair extensions can vary greatly. You might think that one bundle of hair is fantastic for the money while the person that creates the "hair vendor list" has a totally different opinion. I personally always rely on our client base to tell us what they like best.

If you are looking for a quick find for Raw Indian Hair you could be disappointed for the simple fact your opinion differs. This is totally fine and expected. 

Looking for a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

Gara Hair is direct from manufacturer solution that has proven products including bundles, clip in extensions and braiding hair .

This website will solve all your hair supply issues. Pricing as good as the AliExpress & Alibaba vendors without the hassle. FREE ACCESS!

How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Cost?

We have seen lists vary in price from $47 all the way up to $997!

Some will break it down by type of hair. This could include one list that sells Indian hair while another sells Brazilian hair.

It really depends on the type of wholesale weave you are looking for.

One question you should ask yourself is how much does it cost for someone to come up with their own hair vendor list? I honestly could make one in just minutes.

What Wholesale Hair Companies are Listed?

The same ones you could just find yourself on Alibaba, Aliexpress, and DH Gate.


So many people are looking for the top Aliexpress hair vendors. Did you know last year Aliexpress had to clear out over 90% of all their hair vendors because of all the complaints and issues they were receiving? I know you might have been looking for the best Alibaba hair vendors but do you really want to be another person with an issue? We will let you decide!


Do Your Own Research

The best advice we can give is to do your own research.

It is just as easy to take the $200, $300, $400, that you would spend on one of these lists and just buy some sample bundles from a few suppliers.


Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor

Is there a guarantee that a company on the hair vendor list you purchased will be any different? Absolutely not!

It would actually be funny if you asked the person selling a hair vendor list if they have a money-back guarantee if you don't like the hair extensions that are being sold from a company on the list. Doubt it!

How to find a Virgin Hair Vendor or Raw Hair Vendor

There are many ways you can find your own hair vendors without a hair vendor list. 

If you have an Instagram page about hair extensions or wigs I am sure you have been bombarded by Instagram messages. Yes, hair vendors and wig vendors will find you. The biggest issue is that they are also messaging ALL of your followers as well to try and sell them hair. My advice would be to block them immediately. 

A good virgin hair vendor might be easier to find compared to a raw hair vendor as there are so few, honest raw hair vendors. Especially when trying to find Raw Temple Indian Hair. 

Some popular search terms for hair vendors are:

  • wholesale human hair distributors
  • hair vendors list
  • hair wholesale vendors
  • good hair vendors
  • hair vendors wholesale
  • best hair vendors 2022
  • best hair vendors 2023
  • human hair vendors
  • hair distributor wholesale

You might get lucky and find a good hair vendor

If you decide to use someone from Alibaba or Aliexpress please proceed with caution. As I mentioned, the bait and switch method is very popular with them. And never do payments outside of the Alipayments system.


Final Hair Vendor Thoughts

If you are looking for a reputable hair vendor please consider GARA HAIR for bulk orders with the best possible prices


Have something to say about the hair vendor lists? Leave it in the comments section below.