Hair Care Guide

  • Should be washed and conditioned every week .
  • Use luke warm water to wash the hair .
  • Always shampoo in  a downwards motion .
  • Avoid handling the hair during drying 

Installation tips :

When doing a full sew-in, we suggest to fold the weft instead of cutting individual tracks. This maintains the quality of the extension, prevents shedding and damage , and makes installation easier .


Machine Wefted Hair Extensions : When installing wefted extensions with a needle, it is suggested that you sew around the weft rather than through. Putting a needle through the weft will weaken the weft and lead to shedding.


Bulk Hair: Gara Bulk hair is cut from a single donor, cuticles intact, with all hairs facing the same direction from root to tip ie - cuticle aligned . Always pull hair from the top side where it is tied with the rubber band. Dont pull the hair from the bottom of the bulk hair bundle. Taking hair strands from the bottom will cause the hair to be inverted and become non-remy . It will lead to tangling and matting.